The girl in the black bikini

June 23, 2011

I mentioned awhile back that I was in a song writing mode and that I was preparing some product and I am almost at the end of the productions but I still have the videos to do. They will be simple but necessary.

I’m still writing so I’m always thinking about a quote that I heard about forty-five years ago. “Always write around strong titles”. This was attributed to Kim Fowley. Nothing could be truer. 

This can be demonstrated by comparing two titles. First let’s consider the title,” I love you”, about someone who loves someone so much that they would do anything for them and the title “Grenade” by Bruno Mars where he says the same thing by saying that ”I would catch a grenade for you”. The two titles are not in the same world of first impressions.

This is true for most things including movies and models of cars. Who is going to want to buy a car if it was called the Sloth? Go out right now and test drive the new Ford Sloth. I don’t think so, and that goes for most everything. It’s that first impression like in Jerry McGuire where Renee Z told Tom C.” You had me at hello”.

That’s the objective. In my quest to write great songs I am constantly writing down titles and most are discarded but some are keepers. I was reminiscing about “Chick-a-boom”. I knew that was a strong title although it wasn’t self-explanatory. I knew it would prompt people to wonder what it meant. Dick Clark thought it was dirty so he never played it.

In making the record I made sure that I repeated the title ten billion times and that’s hard to do in three minutes. In spite of that, we lost many sales because many people when they went to the record store asked for”the song about the girl in the black bikini”. Also a great title – maybe my next hit.

Here is a video made by someone who posted it on you tube. As you can see, the record buyer is never wrong.

chick a boom


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