November 17, 2011

I had a very lucky break a few years ago when Ringo Starr recorded a song I participated in  writing. I am wording it this way because  of the unusual way it developed. I was spending some time with my friend Mark Hudson . who I had produced many years ago for Decca Records. The subject came up about a Ringo Christmas record. Mark had at this time been Ringo’s exclusive producer for several albums. He said that they were looking for a particular kind of song and he gave me some examples. but none of them were Christmas songs. The next time I saw Mark I had a title, melody and chord changes but only sketchy lyrics. I was really excited when Mark told me that he and Ringo had finished the song and that they were going to record it. The next good news was that the song title would be the title of the album. I thought everything turned out great including Marks terrific album design and art work. I was invited to a background session for one of the other songs on the album and about fifty or so of us including the comedian Richard Lewis and the legendary Jeff Lynne provided background vocals. It was a special night filled with hilarity due to a childhood deal that Brett Hudson had made with his brother Mark. At one point in the proceedings, Brett made Mark do the old dance move called, “The swim”.

The whole album sounded great but the biggest surprise was when, “I Wanna Be Santa Claus” was selected as the single. First the title and now the single, I knew that for sure this was going to be a major success. I couldn’t wait for the Christmas releases. Needless to say, the record company made the decision to not promote either the cd or the single. I will never understand that philosophy, especially after they spent a fortune making the product. As it turned out, nothing much happened with the record but for eternity I will be able to say that a Beatle recorded one of my songs.

After thinking about it for a few years I decided to put my take on the song. Take a listen and let me know what you think.


click here  for         Ringo’s version


One comment

  1. Sounds good to me Santa!

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