Me and Pops ….part one

April 16, 2012

Papa John Creach was a larger influence on rock music than he is given credit for.  When I met him I was in awe of his presence. He was charismatic and talented with an obtuse sense of humor. He and his band had recorded a couple of my songs but I didn’t meet him until I was being considered as a producer. Although I had many productions and chart records to my credit I was still nervous about meeting him because I wanted the gig.  He was quiet but very nice. I didn’t find out for a while that I got the job but I was elated to get the news.

Everybody called him Pops so from now on that’s how I will refer to him. Pops made it easy to be around him. No ego to get in the way and always willing to try new things.  I obviously knew of his enormous past success with Hot Tuna and The Starship but he never made reference to his past. His contributions to music transcends his wonderful musical ability with the additional trailblazing fact that not only was he a black man playing rock music but he was a senior citizen. As I go about my own music career I always remember that it was Pops who made it possible for old guys like me to keep on making music. Nobody ever said that Pops was too old, they just enjoyed what he was doing. Thank God for Papa John Creach for all the above reasons. Little did I know that when I met Pop’s band I would make a friend with enormous talent who is still a part of my life.  Joey Brasler is a guitarist with a ton of credits not the least is extended gigs with Boz Scaggs and Burton Cummings.

When I was given the project I was told that Pops didn’t want to do blues, even though he had done so in the past. he wanted to maintain his rock image and at the same time do something commercial. I wasn’t sure where this concept would take us but I knew the journey would be interesting. It was about this time that I had an idea for the title of the album but I had to wait until the time was right. When I suggested “Inphasion”, it was accepted eagerly. I also knew that I wanted to have guest artists do cameos. That is when I discovered how loved Pops was among the music community. I was not turned down by anyone including, Charlie Daniels, Doctor John, David LaFlamme, Johnny “Guitar” Watson and a terrific girl singer named Darcus.  The record was made for DJM Records. DJM stands for Dick James Music which was responsible for Elton John and published early Beatles records. Next time we’ll get into the music.


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