Chuck E.’s in Hollywood

March 13, 2013

Chuck E. Weiss is truly an American original. You should not miss the opportunity to see him if you get the chance.

I saw him, once again at, “The Piano Bar”, in Hollywood, Where he has been playing monthly for three years.
I came away feeling the same as when I used to see him at “The Central” years ago when he would cram about a thousand people into the downstairs room on Monday nights at midnight. Many times you would get the added treat of a guest appearance by George Thorogood.

I met Chuck through a mutual friend, John Carter, who was my A and R guy, when I was on Capitol Records. Carter called me and asked if I would listen to a song written by his friend Chuck E. Weiss. He didn’t tell me anything else. Of course I thought his name was Chucky, just like everyone else did. Chuck was the opening act for Tom Waits along with Ricki Lee Jones. My meeting was sometime before Ricki had the hit with “Chuck E’s in Love”.

Chuck had this lyric called “Fifty Ways To Make a Hit Record”. It was something of an inside joke about the record biz. I had a little demo studio in North Hollywood and I was fascinated by Chuck so I said,”Sure”. When I asked him how did it go, He said just like Paul Simon’s, 50 way’s…..He said any key would be o.k. so I proceeded to put on a drum and an organ for a track. When I asked him to put on the vocal He said,”Oh no man you do it and I’ll practice it and come back”. I thought that was odd but I did it and off he went with the cassette. I didn’t hear from Chuck for months until one night about three a.m. he called me and before I could ask him where he had been he told me that he got the demo, I had made, on the radio in Colorado. Needless to say I was dumbfounded but knowing Chuck, that fit his m.o. perfectly.
No rules, minimum effort, maximum pleasure. I love Chuck and so will you if you get the chance to see him.


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