Stephen King Knows Me

August 8, 2013

It’s not exactly true that Stephen King Knows me but my friend Rudy, who I have known for fifty years e-mailed me and said,”Stephen King knows you”. Actually it’s not exactly true that I have known Rudy for fifty years because, he played piano at my wedding and my wife and I just celebrated fifty years of marriage so obviously I knew him before that. In fact I think I’ve known him for fifty-five years. Any way I guess I’ve started this post with a couple of untruths. The reality is that in Stephen Kings book, “JOYLAND”, He wrote a descriptive passage about driving in a car and listening to Daddy Dewdrop singing, “Chick-a Boom”. I guess that doesn’t mean that I’m on first name basis with Stephen but maybe, aware of the existence of Daddy Dewdrop would have been a little more accurate.

Rudy does not look at things through the prism of anybody else’s view-point of life. Rudy has the most-unique way of viewing things than any one I have ever known. He has provided me with some of the funniest moments in my life. I will share one.

Rudy and I had a little studio behind his house where we would make demos. On this particular day I and one of Rudy’s relatives were moving a Fender Rhodes piano back into the studio. At the same time a tall guy was walking up to where Rudy was standing on his porch.
He asked Rudy,”Can I give you a quote on a rug for your house?” At this point Rudy’s relative said,”wait a minute we’ve got to hear this”. We just stood there holding the piano as Rudy said to the salesman,”I don’t want a rug”, the guy replied,”why not?” At this point I knew what was going to happen would stick with me for the rest of my life and would amaze me as to how my buddy looked at things. Rudy’s response was,”Because the dog shits outside”. We almost dropped the piano because we were laughing so hard. The guy just walked away and Rudy never changed his facial expression.

I love my friend and I know he will always astound me with his amazing positive way of seeing things. I’m sure that the way Rudy sees it, Stephen King knows me.



  1. I remember that little studio. It was actually in the garage. Maybe that makes you one of the first of the “Garage Band” crew.

  2. Yeah, you told me about it too Monda, I really should come check out, I bet I could find “Trains Don’t Go There No More and Shades of Night.”

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